VR Retail Experience - 360° Virtual Shop Tour - DSLR

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Take your shop experience online with our latest service; we can shoot your shop and create a 360° Virtual Tour of your shop space. We can then embed hotspots directly to your online shop experience for your best selling products; this Interactive experience will no doubt increase sales with stunning, high-resolution images of your shop. Let your customers browse the 360° VR tour as if they were there in person. This VR experience is all possible from the comfort of their living rooms.

Using a high-resolution DSLR 360° Camera makes the images zoomable in the VR tour. We can add a direct link to your best sellers that will then direct your customers to your website for increased traffic.

The final 360° tour is fully branded with your logos, link and embeddable directly on your website. The images are also perfect for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter marketing with the ability to tag products now on Facebook & Instagram. (You will require an online shop to do this like Shopify)

Photoplan has transformed 360° photography with a fully hosted 360 Virtual Tour system; these are now expertly shot and hosted online, so we send you a URL link that you can add to your website – it’s that easy. 

Hotspots are based on 4 per 360 image - ie 300 sq ft retail unit with 5 360 images will have a maximum of 20 Hotspots. for more information